Why Is My Car’s Ride So Bumpy?

An extremely bumpy ride is a sign that your vehicle’s shocks and struts need to be replaced. Let’s talk more about that and the other signs of suspension problems below. Regardless of which symptoms your automobile is suffering from, Premier Auto Repair can help by maintaining your suspension and replacing any worn parts that cause problems.

Bouncy Ride

One of the first indications that your vehicle’s suspension is having problems is a bouncy ride. The suspension, in part, ensures that you have a comfortable ride when you are driving your automobile. As we mentioned above, a bumpy ride suggests that your shocks and struts are worn and need to be replaced. Once they are replaced, you will notice that your ride is more comfortable once again.

Low Corner

If one of the corners of your automobile is sitting lower than the others, there is a broken suspension spring on that wheel. Aside from the low-seated corner, you will also hear a loud clunk when you drive over bumps and rough roads. It’s important to get the broken suspension spring replaced as soon as possible so you don’t cause additional damage to that wheel.

Momentum Motion

Your vehicle’s suspension also helps prevent you from feeling its momentum motion. What we mean by this is diving forward when breaking, squatting backward when accelerating, and tilting to the side when turning. If your vehicle does any of these things, again, this is a sign that your shocks and struts need to be replaced because they have worn out and are no longer doing their jobs.


Your vehicle’s suspension also includes the wheels. Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to go straight provided that the wheels are aligned properly. If the wheels are not aligned properly, your automobile will pull or drift to the side even though you are not turning. Another sign that your wheels are out of alignment is a crooked steering wheel logo. Realigning the wheels will resolve these problems.

Steering Problems

Speaking of your steering wheel, steering problems are also suspension problems. Your vehicle’s steering system is part of the suspension and many things can go wrong with it as it ages. You may have low power steering fluid, the bearings may be worn out, or you may need to replace the steering column. A healthy steering system helps you maintain control of your automobile.

Call Premier Auto Repair in Tyler, TX, if you are experiencing any of the suspension problems listed above. We can fix these problems and get you back on the road quickly.

Photo by RalphCoulter from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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