Scheduled Maintenance

schedule maintenanceWhen it comes to getting the most out of your vehicle, performing regularly scheduled maintenance is key. We perform all scheduled maintenance as prescribed by your owner’s manual or by the manufacturers recommendations. Whether it is your first 5k mile service or you’ve already passed your 120k mile service, we can keep your car maintained and running like the day it left the factory. Oil changes, fluid exchanges, tire rotations, timing belts, and filters are all part of a well put together maintenance plan. We track all maintenance items to make sure your vehicle goes as long as possible without a break down.

J.D. Power consistently reviews vehicle reliability and they find that with proper vehicle maintenance, owners spend less in the long run on repairs.

Using our years of experience working on cars, we also know when to supplement the manufacturer suggested maintenance schedules to have vehicles last well beyond their printed maintenance schedule.

As ‘life-time’ fluids started becoming more and more popular among vehicle manufacturers, we started to notice more and more component failures. Many articles have been written on the decline of recommended maintenance and the increase of component sales in dealerships. The suggestion is that manufactures started competing on ‘cost of ownership’ instead of purchase price. This lead to higher priced vehicles that required more repairs outside of the warranty period.

We take a proactive position and consult with our customers about their long term plans with the vehicle. Combining that information with our experience, we’re able to put together an action plan and create a custom ‘scheduled maintenance’ plan that fits their specific needs.

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