Keeping Your Car Cool in the Tyler, Texas Sun

Premier Auto Repair can help you keep your car cool during our hot Tyler, Texas summers by servicing the air conditioner and cooling system. We will talk more about that below. There are also ways you can reduce the temperature inside the vehicle even if you are parked in the sun. Please note that these things will not reduce the temperature enough to make the vehicle safe for children or pets.

Park in the Shade

Even if you park in the shade, your automobile will still be too hot inside for your children or your pets. This being said, if you are lucky enough to find a shady parking place, take advantage of it. When your vehicle sits in the shade, the temperature inside is reduced a tiny bit. You can also put shades in all of the windows, in the windshield, and in the back window if you have to park in the sun.

Park in the Garage

Another source of shady parking spaces is garages. Use your garage at home, and take advantage of public garages when you are in town. Your vehicle will be parked out of the sunlight so the sun can’t beat down on it and turn the interior into an oven. In addition, most public garages have a security guard to protect the automobiles using the space; your vehicle will be parked safely.

Cover the Interior

When the inside of your car gets hot, the seats, steering wheel, and center console also get hot. This can make sitting in the automobile and driving it a very painful experience as you get scalded by the interior. If you cannot shade your vehicle, you can always cover the interior to prevent the sun from heating it up. Use towels or old rags to drape over your vehicle’s interior to keep it cool.

Allow Ventilation

Another key to helping the inside of your automobile stay a little bit cooler is to allow ventilation while the vehicle is parked. Cracked the windows and the sunroof or the moonroof to allow air to flow through the automobile when there is a breeze. The cracked windows also allow the heat to escape.

Schedule Service

Finally, as we mentioned above, if you schedule a service visit with our shop, we can check your air conditioner to make sure it is cooling down the inside thoroughly. We can also inspect your cooling system and replace the coolant if it needs it. This will keep your engine running without overheating.

Call Premier Auto Repair in Tyler, TX, today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by rcphotostock from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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