It’s Time to Get Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Serviced for Summer

Summer is almost here and if you’re like us here at Premier Auto Repair, you can’t wait. One thing about summers in Tyler, TX, however: They can get hot! Is your vehicle’s air conditioner ready for its summer job? We can help make sure it is with an air conditioning inspection and service. We’ll check everything, including the fans and electrical system to assure you that you’ll be able to rely on your car, truck, or SUV’s air conditioner all summer long. Can you feel the cool and refreshing air already?

Refrigerant Levels Should Be Checked Now

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system relies on refrigerant that is kept cool by the condenser to refrigerate the passenger cabin air before it is blown through the vents. Dissipation, which occurs over time, can reduce the refrigerant levels in the system, as can leaks. We will pressure-test your A/C system to make sure you aren’t leaking refrigerant, and we’ll also top it off or replace it if it needs it.

The Condenser Should Be Checked To

The condenser should also be checked now. It is located directly behind your automobile’s grille, so it is subjected to constant pelting by road debris that is small enough to make its way in between the grille’s slats or holes. This can damage the condenser or clog it, which prevents it from doing its job of keeping the refrigerant cold. We’ll give it a good once-over to make sure everything is a-okay with it.

Let’s Talk About the Compressor

The compressor is the auto part that circulates the coolant through the air conditioning system. It should be run even in the winter at least once a month; otherwise, you run the risk of it malfunctioning. The more the compressor works out the better it runs; kind of like us. We’ll test the compressor to ensure that it is working without any malfunctions. If necessary, we’ll replace it.

Additional Air Conditioning Services

Finally, what good would it do you to turn on your vehicle’s air conditioner only to have the fans malfunction and not push air through the vents? We’ll check your fans to make sure they’re operational and clean. As we mentioned above, we will also inspect the electrical system to make sure you don’t have any wiring or fuse problems. Finally, we’ll change your cabin air filter if it needs it.

We are Premier Auto Repair in Tyler, TX. Give us a call today to schedule your vehicle’s spring air conditioner inspection and service.

Photo by filipruzicka from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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