I Think My Car’s Air Conditioner Died

If your car’s air conditioner isn’t turning on it all, it’s more likely an electrical problem than an AC problem. For example, the wiring attached to the AC button on your dashboard may need to be replaced or you may need to have some of the air conditioning system wiring replaced. You may not feel anything blowing through the vents if you have a problem with your vehicle’s fan, as well. This, too, can be attributed to an electrical problem. Don’t worry. Premier Auto Repair can find the problem with your air conditioning system and fix it. Let’s talk more about this below.

Dented or Clogged Condenser

It’s also possible that you have air blowing through the vents but the air is hot. When this happens, it can be an indication that the air conditioner condenser has been damaged or is clogged. The condenser is located directly behind the grille in your automobile’s engine so it gets pelted regularly by road debris. This can damage the condenser and prevent it from doing its job. Consequently, you will end up with hot air blowing through the vents.

Malfunctioning or Dead Compressor

The same is true if the compressor is malfunctioning or has died. Without a functional compressor, there will be no refrigerant circulating through the air conditioning system. It is this refrigerant that cools the air before it blows out of the vents. Consequently, you will end up with hot air instead of cold air. The compressor can go bad if it isn’t used enough. Unfortunately, this auto part needs to be used frequently in order to keep it in good shape. Even if you don’t have a need to run the air conditioner, turning it on for 20 minutes every month helps keep the compressor functioning.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Finally, you may also be getting hot air blowing through the vents if you don’t have enough refrigerant to cool it. The refrigerant in your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s air conditioning system is a gas that is converted to a liquid and then back to a gas. The refrigerant can leak out of hose connectors when it is in the form of a liquid. It can evaporate when it is in the form of a gas. Either way, low levels of air conditioning refrigerant will make the air blowing through the vents lukewarm at best.

Call Premier Auto Repair in Tyler, TX, today if you are having problems with your vehicle’s air conditioner. We will be happy to inspect it and fix the problem.

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