I Think My Car Battery Is Dying! How Can I Tell?

If you believe your car battery is dying, take a look at it to see the date on the sticker. You will see a sticker on your battery that has numbers such as 10/17. This number means that your battery was manufactured in October 2017. Batteries often last about three years. Some will last as long as five years or more, but if your battery is three years old or older, it could be dying. This is especially true if the battery light comes on on your dashboard. Premier Auto Repair lists other signs of battery failure below.

Difficult Starts

Hopefully, your battery will give you a warning before it dies. This warning is difficulty starting your automobile. Your engine will crank several times before it fires up. You may not get this warning, however. You may try to start your automobile and be unable to do so because your battery is dead.

Dim Lights

Dim lights are another sign that your battery is dying. It’s easier to tell that your lights are dim at night, so pay attention to how bright your headlights are when you are driving in the dark. Also, take a look at your dashboard light to see if it appears to be dimmer than normal.

Malfunctioning Accessories

You may also have problems with your vehicle’s accessories if the battery is dying. For example, your GPS may malfunction or your radio may turn off and refused to turn back on. You may also notice that it takes more time for your power seats to adjust.

Corroded Terminals

Corroded battery terminals are not only a sign of a battery dying but a battery that is dying and also leaking battery acid. You can clean the terminals with baking soda and water, but if they corroded again right away, you need to replace your battery because, again, it’s leaking acid.

Rotten Egg Odor

If your battery is leaking acid, you will smell rotten eggs around the battery. This is because the acid type inside of your vehicle’s battery is sulfuric acid. This acid smells like rotten eggs. It’s important that you replace your battery if it is leaking.

Misshapen Battery Case

Finally, the chemical reaction inside of your car’s battery changes when it gets old. The battery case can become misshapen if the chemical reaction inside is bad. For example, you may see bubbles in the battery case or the battery case may crack.

Premier Auto Repair in Tyler, TX, would be happy to test your battery to see if it needs to be replaced. Call us today for an appointment.

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