How Did My Catalytic Converter Get Stolen?

Unfortunately, we advise that it doesn’t take a seasoned thief long to steal your catalytic converter. If you are parked in a public place, the thief can scoot underneath your automobile and remove the converter using a metal saw quickly and easily. Unfortunately, catalytic converters are a hot commodity because of their metal. The following are signs that your catalytic converter has been stolen. We can replace the converter after you have contacted the authorities and your insurance company.

Roaringly Loud Engine

The first thing you are going to notice is that your engine is much louder than it normally is once you start your automobile. It will roar, especially when you accelerate. The reason why the engine is so much louder is that the exhaust manifold is pushing the exhaust into the catalytic converter but the catalytic converter is no longer there to absorb the noise.

Uneven Acceleration

The catalytic converter is also no longer there to absorb the force of the exhaust push. Consequently, your vehicle is going to lurch backward every time you press down on the accelerator. The acceleration will remain jerky until you have the catalytic converter replaced. The catalytic converter does an excellent job of absorbing the exhaust’s force.

Trouble at Slow Speeds

Another issue that occurs when there is not a catalytic converter underneath your automobile is problems driving at slower speeds. The engine produces torque (power) at both low and high speeds. The catalytic converter helps the engine produce torque when you are driving at lower speeds. Consequently, your engine is going to sputter.

Excessive Exhaust Odors

There is a void in your vehicle’s exhaust system where the catalytic converter once was. Unfortunately, this causes the exhaust manifold to push the exhaust into the open air. As a consequence, the exhaust will waft around your vehicle and you will end up with exhaust inside the passenger cabin. This can make you extremely ill while you drive.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, as you have learned, there are a lot of things going wrong because of the missing catalytic converter. As such, the engine control unit is going to turn on the check engine light until you have the converter replaced. It is receiving malfunctioning codes from various sensors in the exhaust system because the catalytic converter is no longer there to treat the exhaust.

Call us today to schedule a service visit so we can replace your stolen catalytic converter and check for additional exhaust system damage.

Photo by deepblue4you from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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