Hey! Don’t Drive On Empty. Here’s Why…

We have all been there, driving down the road, and our low fuel light comes on, and we say to ourselves, “I can make it home, and I will fill up tomorrow.” Premier Auto Repair is here to keep you informed that it is never a good idea to drive your car while it is low on fuel or on empty. Here’s why.

Your Fuel Pump Could Burnout

When your gas tank is complete, the fuel pump is submerged in fuel, keeping it cooled and preventing it from creating friction and burnout. If you run out of fuel or drive with your low fuel light on for too long, you could cause your fuel pump to overheat. Once your fuel pump breaks, there is nothing to pump your fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Thus your car will not start or run. A tank of gas is cheaper than replacing your fuel pump.

Fuel Filter Clocking In For Overtime Pay

Naturally, fuel is not clean. No one has developed a way of creating completely pure, debris-free fuel. That is why we have fuel filters to keep all the gunk out of our engine. When your car sits, all that debris naturally settles to the bottom of the tank. When you run on low fuel or drive on empty, all that gunk and dirt gets flushed into your fuel filter and clogs it up. So unless you want to pay your fuel filter for working overtime and have to replace it sooner than expected, it is best to fill it up as soon as you can when your low fuel light comes on.

Engine Needs Gas To Live

Okay, this one is obvious, but your engine needs gas to run. Without gas, your vehicle is just a metal couch with wheels. Your engine needs three main components to run, fuel (gas), air, and a spark. The spark plugs provide the spark to ignite the air and gas mixture to combust and move the engine’s cylinders. That creates the force to move your vehicle. Without enough gas, there could be a misfire. The longer you drive on a misfire, the more likely you are to damage your engine and need a new one.

You Could Be Stuck

No matter how close you think you might be to the gas station, it is not worth the risk of being stuck on the side of the road. How would you rather spend your time? Filling up your tank and going on with your day, or waiting to pay AAA to tow your car? The choice is simple, fill up and don’t drive on empty. 

Stay safe and stay informed from your local auto repair shop in Tyler TX, Premier Auto Repair. If your pump goes bad or you need engine repair, give us a call for a repair. 

Photo by livijusr from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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