Five Signs My Car Is Experiencing Electrical System Problems

Automotive technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several decades. Cars today are computers on wheels with expansive electrical systems to make sure all of the accessories and components are powered. Your automobile will give you signs that it has an electrical problem. Premier Auto Repair lists five common electrical problem signs below.

1. Dim Lights

The most common sign that your vehicle has an electrical problem is dimming lights. This includes the interior lights and your dashboard light. Most people notice that their lights seem dimmer at night, especially if the headlights are not illuminating things as brightly as they normally do. In some cases, the electrical problem might cause power surges in the lights and they will flicker as a result.

2. Hot Odors

Another common sign of an electrical problem is hot odors. If your electrical wiring is burning, you may notice that the hot odor smells like burning rubber or burning plastic. Obviously, anything smelling hot coming from your engine is dangerous as you might end up with an engine fire as a result. It’s important to have any hot smells investigated immediately to avoid engine fires.

3. Dead Components

As we said above, vehicles today are technological wonders that have a ton of components powered by electricity. One sure sign that your automobile has an electrical problem is issues with your components. For example, if you have power seats, you may notice that the adjustment speed has slowed down. Other examples include a malfunctioning GPS system or a dead radio.

4. Battery Corrosion

The battery is part of the car’s electrical system, and corroded battery terminals indicate an internal problem with the battery. Usually, corrosion happens when there is leaking sulfuric acid. Corroded battery terminals are also an indication that the battery is suffering power surges. Age can also play a factor in battery corrosion.

5. Dead Engine

Finally, an electrical problem can make it impossible to start your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van. Whether the problem is chewed wiring, a dead battery, a dead alternator, or problems with the starter, depending on how bad the issue is, you may find it hard to start your automobile or your engine may be completely dead. Fuel system and other problems can also make it difficult to start your car.

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Photo by savcoco from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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