Five Common Power Steering Problems

If you have ever driven a car without power steering, you realize how helpful this automotive system is. Most people don’t think about their power steering until there is a problem. Premier Auto Repair can inspect your vehicle’s power steering system and make repairs if they are necessary. Your power steering will let you know something is wrong. Here are five common power steering problems.

1. Fluid Leak

If you have hydraulic power steering, the system will have fluid. If your power steering is electric, you don’t have power steering fluid. For those of you that do, leaking power steering fluid can affect your ability to steer, making it harder to go around turns and otherwise control your automobile. Low power steering fluid can burn out your power steering pump, so it’s important to find the leak and fix it ASAP.

2. Cracked Hoses

Naturally, a power steering system has a series of hoses through which the fluid flows. As the hoses age, they will harden and eventually crack. This may be the cause of the power steering fluid leak. It’s important to have the hoses checked regularly and replaced when needed. These hoses can also be susceptible to damage because they are close to other parts in your vehicle’s engine.

3. Hose Couplings

Power steering hoses are connected by couplings. These couplings can age and wear down just as easily as the hoses can. If they are loosened, power steering fluid might leak out from the connected hoses. You can also end up with a sudden leak if the couplings are jolted by an auto accident, a huge bump, too much vibration, or anything that stresses and moves them beyond their capacity.

4. Drive Belt

Your power steering pump has a drive belt that helps it operate. If the belt slips or is too loose, the pump will not be able to aid in your vehicle’s steering and you will find it nearly impossible to direct your car. Usually, if the drive belt does slip, you’ll hear a squealing sound. Oftentimes, this squealing sound is loudest when you turn the steering wheel sharply to the right or left.

5. Worn Power Steering Pump

Finally, the power steering pump has a limited lifespan just like any other automotive part. The good news is that this part usually lasts 100,000 miles or more. The bad news is that once it wears down, you’ll end up with power steering fluid leaks and pressure loss. You’ll find it much harder to steer your vehicle if the pump is not working correctly and, as with the drive belt, you will hear squealing sounds.

Call or stop by Premier Auto Repair’s auto service shop in Tyler, TX. We can take a look at your vehicle’s power steering system and recommend any needed maintenance or repairs.


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