Does a Hot Exhaust Manifold Expand?

Yes, a hot exhaust manifold expands, which is why you may not realize you have a cracked exhaust manifold right away. If the crack is small, Premier Auto Repair advises that the manifold will seal the crack by itself once it expands. This will prevent the signs of a cracked exhaust manifold listed below. If you are experiencing the problems listed below, the crack is large enough that the manifold cannot seal it. Don’t worry. We can replace the exhaust manifold if it needs it.

Sketchy Performance

If the crack is large enough that it is not sealed by the manifold’s expansion, your engine performance is going to suffer. The exhaust will escape out of the cracked manifold and fill the engine with exhaust gases. This will directly affect the engine’s ability to produce combustion. Consequently, you will experience sputtering and lagging, especially when you accelerate.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, the engine performance issues will also reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy. This is because the engine is burning more fuel as it tries to produce power when you press down on the accelerator. This reduction in fuel economy can be very frustrating with gas prices continually on the rise. Replacing the manifold will restore your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.

Loud Hissing or Tapping

Even if the manifold expands to steal the crack, if you listen carefully when you first start your automobile, you should be able to hear the exhaust leaking out of the crack. The sound the exhaust makes is either hissing or tapping. If you hear either noise, head straight to our shop.

Burning Auto Part Odors

As you can imagine, the exhaust is extremely hot. If it makes its way into the engine because the manifold does not seal the crack, you will smell burning auto parts while you are driving your automobile. You will smell hot metal and melting plastic and rubber.

Excessive Exhaust Odors

Another odor you may detect is the odor of your vehicle’s exhaust. Your vehicle’s heater or air conditioner can pick up the exhaust in the engine and blow it through the vents. This can make driving your automobile dangerous because you are inhaling the exhaust.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, system sensors in the engine are going to be unhappy as the engine fills with exhaust gas. In fact, they will send codes to the engine control unit to report errors. Consequently, you will end up with an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard.

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Photo by kvsan from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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