Bring Your Vehicle to Premier Auto Repair for a New Starter

Premier Auto Repair is the best auto shop in Tyler, and we can replace the factory starter if it is malfunctioning or dying. The average lifespan of the factory starter is 100,000 miles. If you have that type of mileage on your car, truck, or SUV, the starter is going to go bad sooner rather than later. The starter is the ignition system part that turns the engine over so it can take in air and fuel. The starter also supplies the spark plugs with an initial burst of electricity so they can generate sparks.

Pre-Ignition Noises

If the starter is having a hard time turning over the engine, you may hear clicking or whirring sounds coming from the engine before it fires up. Normally, these sounds will stop after the engine has started. If the noise continues, the starter has not disengaged, and this is a problem unto itself. Driving the automobile with the starter engaged could damage the engine.

A Dead Engine

You will not get a strange sound in all cases. In some cases, the starter may die and leave you with a dead engine without any warning. As we mentioned above, the starter is responsible for turning over the engine so it can produce combustion. If the starter is unable to do this, or if the starter is unable to send electricity to the spark plugs, you may not be able to get your engine started at all.

Lights That Work

A dead engine with lights that work is a sign that the starter is the problem. If the battery or alternator were the problem, your vehicle’s lights would not illuminate. The fact that the lights are illuminated prove that the battery and alternator are providing them power. As such, the dead engine is not being caused by a dead battery. The problem is most likely the starter.

Smoke/Hot Odors

The problem is definitely the starter if you start to smell hot odors coming from the engine. You may also see smoke floating out from underneath the hood. This can be a sign that you have overheated the starter motor. If you keep trying to fire up the engine to no avail, you will overheat the motor. Consequently, you will end up with smoke and hot odors.

Premier Auto Repair in Tyler, TX, would be happy to help, so bring us up today to set up an appointment for your vehicle so we can test the starter.

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