Bring Your Vehicle to Our Shop if Your Brakes Squeal All the Time

The bottom line is this: Your brakes shouldn’t squeal all the time. Premier Auto Repair cautions that if your brakes are squealing all the time there is something wrong with the system that needs immediate attention. Bear in mind that your brakes are one of the most important safety systems in your automobile if not the most important. You want to address any brake problems right away. Here are some reasons why your brakes are squealing all the time.

Broken Anti-Rattle Clips

Your brake pads have pad stays that are attached to the calipers by anti-rattle clips. If any of these clips break, the pad stays in the brake pads will vibrate when you use your brakes. This will cause the brakes to squeal each time you press down on the brake pedal. It’s important to replace the broken anti-rattle clips to stop the noise from occurring when you apply the brakes.

Low Brake Pads

It could also be that your brake pads are too low and need to be replaced. The brake pads will start to squeal when they get to the point of needing replacement because of indicators embedded in the pads. They will also squeal because there isn’t enough friction-inducing surface left to generate friction with the rotors. The smoother the brake pad is the more it will squeal.

No Pad Insulation

If your brake pads don’t have any insulation they will squeal all the time. Pad insulation is installed to prevent the brake pads from squealing. This insulation is installed when your automobile is assembled at the manufacturing plant. If the pad insulation was not replaced last time you had your brake pads replaced, they will squeal all the time.

Overheating System

We briefly touched upon smooth brake pads above. When the brake pads get too hot, they glaze. Glazing means they have smoothed out. The rotors can also get too hot and smooth out, as well. This is a sign that your brake system is overheating. The rotors and pads will squeal constantly and you may also smell a hot odor coming from behind the wheels.

Smooth Rotors

Finally, you should have your rotor surfaces recut every 60,000 miles. These surfaces smooth out because of the continual pressure from the brake pads. Once the rotors are smooth, your brakes will squeal when you use them for the same reasons discussed above. The rotor surfaces are glazed.

Premier Auto Repair in Tyler, TX, can figure out why your brakes are squealing all the time and fix the problem. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by Norasit Kaewsai from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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