How important are your brakes?

brakesMost people think about getting in their car and going somewhere, but few think about actually stopping!

Bringing you to a safe stop is the most important things your vehicle should do. Not only should they bring you to a safe stop though, but they should also do it quietly and smoothly.

Modern vehicles now utilize brakes not only to bring your vehicle to a stop, but many incorporate them into traction control systems to help you gain traction when your tires start to spin. They can also be tied into your vehicles stability control system to help you regain control in a panic situation.

Why should you use Premier Automotive, Inc.

At Premier Automotive, Inc. we go above and beyond to ensure that when you and your vehicle leave our facility, you leave with confidence that you are safe on the road.

When it comes to parts, we make sure to only use the highest quality brake pads and top-grade rotors to ensure your brakes last for as many miles as possible. Higher end vehicles equipped with wear sensors are not uncommon these days, and we have to tools to replace them as well. Some import vehicles even require a computer to complete a brake job… No worries, we have the equipment to handle those as well.

Our technicians continually attend training classes throughout the year to make sure they not only know how to repair and service brake systems but to also understand how they work. Understanding all the different parts of a brake system allows our technicians to accurately diagnose any issues you may have with your brakes, make the proper recommendations for repairs, and ultimately save you more money.

Ready to bring in your car?

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