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Air conditioning systems on the modern vehicle are getting tougher and tougher to diagnose and repair. Recently, car manufacturers have introduced a new refrigerant in vehicles for AC systems. When you consider all the electronics and refrigerants that make up the air conditioning systems, it becomes clear to see that they have become more complicated. No need to worry, all of our technicians at Premier Auto Repair have gone through extensive training to diagnose and repair your car’s AC system. Whether your vehicle doesn’t have the airflow it used to or the heating or cooling system seems to have lost performance, we’ve got you covered. Bring your vehicle by to make sure your climate control system is in top operating condition, and stop driving around uncomfortable.

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No one wants to be uncomfortable in their vehicle. Here in Tyler, TX, things can get extremely hot over the summer months, and without a working AC unit in your vehicle, you are in for a rough time. Luckily, Premier Auto Repair has your back. We can inspect your AC system from top to bottom and can either recharge your refrigerant gas or provide any necessary repairs needed to cool things off again. It’s too hot for you to be expected to drive around without a working AC, so let the AC pros at Premier Auto Repair get you back driving in comfort. Give us a call today or set an appointment online for your next car AC repair.

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